Global Crypto Asset Exchange
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24h-change rate
Transaction amount
Easy and Convenient Trades
Start with UZNEX
Secure Exchange
Applied blockchain technology
to the system core
for a decentralized safe exchange
Strict exchange
We have a certified system such as KYC
(know your customer) and AML (Anti-Money-Laundering)to limit fraudulent use between accounts.
Easy and Comfortable Exchange
Personalization of interest, such as crypto-asset setting, application of simple buy/sell UI, Simplified crypto-asset trading stage
Diverse and accurate analysis
Accurate analysis of investment
situation is possible through balance yield and order number-based
transaction details.
UZNEX, the beginning of a convenient and safe crypto-asset transaction, joins us.
Make it easy to deposit with a VISA card
Anywhere in the world, you can easily make crypto-asset transactions with
VISA card.
Private Key, the Core of Wallet Security
With UzNEX's multisig wallet technology, it distributes the
(Private key), the core of exchange security, and securely stores it in storage.
Completely protects users' crypto-assets from hacking.